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pu hose is the pneumatic industry preferred pneumatic pressure hose. PU tube according to the material is divided into polyester PU tube, polyether PU tube; according to the use of different requirements and call into the PU air hose, PU clamp reinforced tube, PU industrial hose, PU wire telescopic tube, PU spiral PU tube, PU spring tube, PU folder tube, PU braided tube, PU reticulate tube, PU single tube, PU straight tube

PU pipe the use and characteristics

PU pipe purposes: for industrial, agricultural, food, medicine, civil engineering, fisheries, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other areas of the general working pressure of liquid delivery. Such as: pneumatic pipe, hydraulic pipe, garden pipes, oil, water pipes, oil exploration pipe, sandblasting tube, peristaltic pump hose.

PU tube characteristics: 1, oil resistance, is the natural rubber oil resistance of 15-20 times;

2, good wear resistance, wear resistance of natural rubber is 30-50 times;

3, good aging resistance, is the natural rubber anti-aging properties of 5 times;

4, the tensile strength is three times the natural rubber

5, with high elasticity, high elongation, high strength;

6, damping performance, smooth wall, the liquid resistance is small, less hydraulic losses;

7, the appearance of beautiful, hose bending radius of small, non-toxic and tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue, light and flexible, the weight of rubber hose is 30 to 70 percent;

8, flame retardant, non-toxic and tasteless. Impact resistance, fatigue resistance, safe and reliable

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